Environment Hamilton was incorporated as a non-for-profit organization in 2001 and has worked since then to inspire people to protect and enhance our environment through leadership, education and advocacy. Together we:

  • Raise awareness and offer hope that we can all make a difference. 
  • Fearlessly and persistently tackle environmental injustices and remove environmental stresses to living systems. 
  • Identify, involve, support, and celebrate the commitment of those who share our vision for a better community and engage those who may not. 
  • Offer locally relevant solutions to achieve: food security, sustainable transportation, and healthy, clean air, water, and land. 
  • Connect with, mentor, support, inspire, and spark creativity in our youth in order to engage them in our efforts and to prepare them for what the future holds. 
  • Take local action on climate change and other global environmental issues. 


Environment Hamilton is engaged in both education/outreach and advocacy activities.  As an organization, we take positions on important issues.  In order to share our viewpoints. Environment Hamilton is now generating Viewpoint Papers to detail the organization's position on key environmental issues facing society.   Click here to visit our Viewpoints page. 

CLICK HERE to learn more about EH's history & accomplishments.


The Staff Team

    ___     ___   

Lynda Lukasik 

  Beatrice Ekoko    
Executive Director   Project Manager    
Juby Lee           
Project Manager        


The Current Board of Directors

Dr. Jim Quinn, Chairperson

Sean Burak, Vice-chairperson

Dave Carson, Treasurer

Peter HoppertonSecretary

Amina Suhrwardy, Director-At-Large

Cindy Gangaram, Director-At-Large

Ned Nolan, Director-At-Large

Jarah West, Director-At-Large

Laura Ryan, Director-At-Large 


DONATE: Environment Hamilton relies on the ongoing support from its funders, donors and members to do the work that we do. Help us continue to lead, educate and inspire by making a donation and becoming an EH member. 

NEWSLETTER: View the current and past editions of our quarterly newsletter. Click here.

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