Loving Our Conifers

A study that came out in 2015 looking at evergreens and their absorption of particulate matter. This study found that while most evergreens were able to filter out PM there were a few pines and cedars that did a better job of cleaning our air.
But year air cleaning is not the only reason why we love our conifers! 

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Is Council Getting Cold Feet on Transit?

For the past couple of months we at Environment Hamilton has been working hard for Hamilton City Council to Fix the HSR. The issue of transit in Hamilton is not a simple one, but there is one conclusion we can come to easily: We need to improve and expand transit.

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Tackling Hamilton’s Air Particulate Pollution Woes

For almost three years now, Environment Hamilton has been working hard to engage Hamiltonians in efforts to track local air particulate pollution in our city.  Our efforts started with Bicycle Air Monitoring (BAM!) in the summer of 2014.  BAM! inspired the INHALE project (Initiative for Health Air & Local Economies) – a collaborative effort with the Toronto Environmental Alliance.   Then came Trees Please – Green Solutions to Air Pollution which we launched in partnership with the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club - in 2016.   

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